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Posted on 2008.12.02 at 00:23
A couple more Westerberg / Replacement related videos

Daydream Believer

Damn good cover of Burl Ives "Mr. Rabbit"

Posted on 2008.06.04 at 00:55
Current Mood: joyous

There' something incredibly infectious about this video. Could be that its one of the greatest riffs in RnR of the last 30 years; could be that its a bunch of Japanese teenagers and an expat having a whole lot of fun in a tiny dive in Tokyo. Whatever it is it bring a smile to my face every time.

Welsh men can dance

Posted on 2008.02.17 at 00:31
Current Music: Treat Her Right - Tom Jones
If you ever wondered why women would whip off their knickers and toss them at Mr. Jones here's your answer...


Posted on 2006.01.24 at 03:24
Ok, I've downed about 4 cups of cappuccino, I've watched the three episodes of the Tick that I brought and I'm now bored stiff (and trying to stay awake). Here's a dumb picture of some airplanes taken with the camera phone.

Greetings from Amsterdam

Posted on 2006.01.24 at 02:44
I'm knackered, I need a shower and I'm currently passing the layover time in the KLM business lounge at Schiphol airport. A couple more hours and I'll be boarding a plane bound for Lagos to have a meeting with Cheif Someoneorother. Fun, fun, fun.

"So FRB, what did you do on your vacation?"

"I was ransomed by irate natives... woo hoo!"

Well, if there's no nipple...

Posted on 2006.01.20 at 22:19
... dad's nose will do in a pinch.

Let me introduce you to Sprog 2.0, otherwise known as Dorothy Margaux Mae (yet another kid inflicted with her father's curse-of-the-four-names), Puggie or Our Little Tax Break (delivered two hours and fourteen minutes before the new year).

Is there a doctor in the house

Posted on 2006.01.15 at 23:01
If anyone lives close to a one Mike Long in Pittsburgh, PA could they please check in on him and make sure the poor guy's still breathing.

After the last 15 minutes of the Steeler/Indy game I suspect the entire Western PA population may need a quick jolt from a defibrillator. One hell of a game. Had it not been for some seriously screwy officiating it wouldn't have been anywhere near that close. Man, did Indy get taken to the woodshed.

The Mighty Mangina Mobile

Posted on 2005.11.26 at 21:05

The Mighty Mangina Mobile
Originally uploaded by acentofanti.
So, another chapter of my life ends; another begins. With much sadness I had to bid farewell to the Cooper S. As much fun as that car was (and dammit, it was FUN) it was always a tight squeeze to get myself, the Wee Lass and the sprog in to go anywhere, and with the car that full you could basically haul a paper bag in the trunk. Add to this the baby-to-be-named-at-a-later-date and the situation became basically untenable. Now, the plan (well, more wish than anything) had always been to buy a second car that was more adept at meeting the growing family demands and daddy could keep his toy to drive around with like a maniac. Unfortunately, our assbag of a contractor has yet to finish our basement so with the Wee Lass fast approaching the "squeeze the little bugger out" date and no rental income for the foreseeable future I had to bite the bullet. "Welcome to Minivan-ville. Population: you." I call it the Mighty Mangina Mobile.

This is a test...

Posted on 2005.10.18 at 12:06

Originally uploaded by acentofanti.
... and only a test of the ability to post pictures from a flickr account.

Keep RFK

Posted on 2005.06.07 at 23:21
The Nationals should just keep playing at RFK. I know that'll piss the powers that be off at MLB Inc. but the fact of the matter is RFK isn't all that bad. The location is pretty easy to get to. The facilities, while not as gorgeous as, say, Minute Maid Park, Camden Yards or any of the other neo-retro ballparks built in the last 15 years, are adequate, and it would save DC taxpayers tonnes of cash forgoing the new stadium (hell, take 20% of the forecast cost and use it to modernize RFK). But most importantly it would preserve the greatest aspects of the park: a symmetrical, cavernous field. RFK ranks dead last in home runs hit, which has helped propel a team that is otherwise downright average in every statistical measure into first place.

I love large outfields. I love the fact a line drive to left field doesn't automatically equal a home run. I love big ass gaps where a hitter can lace a triple. I love RFK.

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